Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General
1. How safe is to travel to the offered destinations?

Your safety is always our concern, even though our offered destinations are pretty
much safe any extra effort to make them safer is what we look for. During your stay
with us we will always have with you a team leader or his assistant, transportation, a
community guide at the clinic communities. For your health safety, we provide bottled
water at all times, food prepared following the best standards and according to your
dietary restrictions. We take all the necessary precautions in order to make your
experience safer and a remarkable one.

2. Can I bring donations?

Yes you can. As part of the preparation for you trip you will receive a letter providing
you with details for you trip as well as a list of typical donation items, those range from
particular medicines to coloring books for kids, clothing, candies, tooth brushes, etc.

3. If I cancel can I get a refund?

You can always cancel. Please go here for cancellation and refund details. Please be
aware there is a no refundable fee of $ 100 US dollars.

4. Can I arrive a day before from the team starting day?

Our program starts on the day stated on your application. During that day we will have
personnel to pick you up at the meeting point at the international airport. You can
come before that day but you will be by your own and will ask you to meet the rest of
the team at the international airport the day the program starts. If by a special reason
you must arrive a day earlier, please contact us in order to make arrangements. A
situation like this will require a penalty fee of $100 US dollars in order to cover for the
additional costs involved in transportation, bilingual guide and lodging.

5. Can I change to a different group from the one I applied?

Groups have a maximum as well as minimal number of volunteers in order to work
properly. Under that basis there may be several situations that we may face:

1. If you wish to change to a group that has already reached its maximum
capacity, then the change is not possible unless someone cancels.

2. If the group you applied for does not reach the minimum number of
participants you will be contacted in order to suggest you a group to which you
can move within the same time frame or suggest another dates for your trip. If
any suits your needs you can always ask for a cancellation and a refund. Please
go here for cancellation and refund details.
In all other situation we may work out a solution, please contact us through the
information on this web page, or through the contacts you received with your
application confirmation email.

6. Once at the destination airport how do I get to the assigned lodging location?

We will be waiting for you at the international airport ground transportation exit. Our
personnel identified by signs and uniform will be there to pick you up and take you to the assigned hotel.
Since there are several different touring companies waiting for visitors, there will be many persons
with signs as well and may become confusing, but don’t be afraid our personnel will be there to pick you up.

7. Besides normal travel stuff what special items should I carry?

Hotels offer fully set bed and bath items. No beds sheets or towels are required.
However, during the recreation days a typical destination is the beach, so appropriate
towel and suit is required if you are looking forward to enjoy the most of the
recreation at a beach or similar location.
During clinic days in order to wear comfortable clothing and according to the service
provided scrubs are necessary. Other items to use during clinics that may become
useful but are not mandatory: Stethoscope and Othoscope.

8. Do I need a special vaccination?

Currently no vaccination is necessary to travel or enter any of the destination countries.

9. What kind of accommodations are used?

We use a series of small Hotels that offers nice accommodations with rooms with private bath,
free Wi-Fi hot spot, on a multiple room basis. Bed arrangement may go from individual
beds to bunk beds. Some hotels may offer swimming pool, TV, souvenir store and other amenities.
Typical room as in the following picture:

167030 188370601185056 750975 n


177297 483512001670913 1936044280 o

10. What is covered within the fee?

The fee covers lodging, airport pick up and drop, bilingual team leader and assistant,
Transportation, bilingual translators during clinics, certified professional during clinics,
all material required for the clinics and seminars, medicines for the clinics, bottled
water at all times, entrances to national parks during recreation, breakfast, most
lunches, and some dinners.

11. What are the costs involved?

Under Programs you can find the different programs offered, depending on the destination
and length of the visit so are the cost involved. This cost does not include airfare, insurances or incoming or outgoing country taxes if applicable.

12. How can I apply?

You can apply here, or please go to the tab on this same
web page called: Schedules choose the program you want according
to the date more suited to you and follow the application links.