Your safety is very important for us. For that purpose we have tried to cast in each step of our program the safety measures that provide security to our volunteers and staff. We understand that when traveling aboard there are situations that could be faced that are not common to all. From water to food, from natural conditions to communities with higher vulnerability. 

However on all we try our best to make the experience the best. Costa Rica is a worldwide tourist destination, a beautiful place to visit and pretty much a safe place to be; however, as in any major city in the world, San Jose de Capital city and other cities in the country, can have its' hazards. So common sense is always the best practice and not to show around big amounts of money, keep always your cameras, phones, tablets and any other electronics at your hand and use them wisely. Anyway, in order to make your stay a remarkable one, the team leader guide or his assistant will always be with you, we will provide transportation at hand at any moment and our chosen hotels are proven for their safety.

Another aspect that can become a safety concern is the food. In order to avoid any issues with it, we offer bottled water at all time; our food preparations standards are high in order to avoid any food related issues. We even ask you in your application form for any dietary restrictions in order to follow those once at your destination. In the same direction, we ask you for any special medical condition in order to consider it while you are with us. Nevertheless it is always wise to travel with some kind of health and travel insurance just in case something completely unexpected happens.

As you can see our safety policy has high standards to make your Community Aid experience a life changing remarkable one.