Who we are

Community Aid Remarkable Experience, CARE was born because a team of  people who believe in going beyond each one of us to help the people in need in Costa Rica and other Central America countries. This team has many years of experience working together with poor communities with their health and social issues.

Knowing new places and people are always incredible experiences, however doing so and at the same time providing aid to the underserved makes the experience a remarkable one. That is what CARE is all about, travel, help people in their communities, exchange experiences with others, face a different culture, know places, put in practice your skills and round up a life changing experience. By doing so we are creating a beyond you culture that will let us face challenges in a selflessly and fearlessly manner. 

CARE is a nongovernmental and non-profit organization, self-sustainable by charging to the volunteers a fee in order to support the services they will have once they arrive to the destination country, at the same time it will let us support community projects and  to attend specific needs that we may become aware of during the time spent in the community.

"...value of life is always measured on how much of it was given away ",  Desmond Tutu.

Volunteers engage in a trip to help others, get to know communities, people, enjoy recreation time and experience team work. CARE provides the logistics and touring activities for the volunteer team to achieve that.

Our Mission

Provide Community Aid through a remarkable Experience to all engaged.

Our Vision

Contribute to improve the well being of humanity.